When you wear a Fallon & Ava turtleneck, you join a community of women who support and uplift one another.

For every purchase, part of our proceeds goes towards donations & funding workshops organized by Fallon & Ava that help rebuild the lives of the women.

The Dwelling Place has a special place in our heart, and we hope it does the same for you. As leaders of the Associate Board at The Dwelling Place, we want to redefine the conversation around homelessness. There are many misconceptions around what being homeless really means, and we want to change that. The women at The Dwelling Place are capable, smart individuals who are homeless through no fault of their own. They go to The Dwelling Place for safety and security as they have been battered physically and emotionally and terrified to return to their life. Through donations, workshops, private counseling, and fundraisers, our goal is to share their stories and help rebuild their lives so they can gain their power back.

Their Story

The Dwelling Place of New York, founded in 1977 by the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, advocates for women experiencing homelessness and abuse. Not only do they save women's lives by providing transitional housing and food, but they help rebuild their lives in an atmosphere of unconditional welcome, compassion and supportive services to get them back on their feet.

Their Services Include:

  • A warm and soothing safe place to call their own
  • 3 homemade meals a day with an emphasis on healthy eating
  • Individual guidance offered by an assigned case manager and therapist
  • Partnerships with medical and mental health providers
  • Linkage with workforce developments programs
  • Money management
  • A variety of programmatic offerings such as art therapy, yoga, book club, and vocational training
  • Assistance in finding housing that fits individual needs