Welcome to the Family

Growing up our mother loved to dress us in turtlenecks. A black turtleneck and jeans have been our go-to look ever since. Just as she introduced us to the power a single turtleneck can give a woman, we now want to share that with you.

The Story of Fallon & Ava

How it Started...

We both graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology and live in New York City. Fallon has a background in fashion design and Ava in public relations and events. We both followed our separate dreams, but we always knew we were meant to do something together. It was while we were back at home during the spring of 2020 that we decided to create a destination for the perfect turtleneck. We found there’s something about wearing a well-fitted turtleneck that instantly gives you confidence.

Because our mission is to support women, we decided to make our first turtleneck prototype with a small woman-owned factory in Brooklyn. We are now currently in production with a sustainable knitwear factory in Tuscany, Italy .

Fallon & Ava is an apparel brand that designs the classic turtleneck for every woman. We are the only brand that specializes in turtlenecks with the intent to be a timeless, must-have staple that can look equally elegant in a business meeting, on a date, or even at a black tie event.

To us a turtleneck represents style, poise and authority.

Our Values

We do this the Fallon & Ava way, the way our parents taught us: to be kind, to create a human connection, to empower and support all women, to make life better for others by giving back to our community, and to never forget where you came from and who has been by your side through it all... family. These values built this company, and we will carry them with us in everything we do.

We value the special relationships in life. We want to be by your side, cheering you on, like a sister would for every milestone and moment in your life. We want to welcome you into our brand as we would welcome you into our home. Our signature blue color is the color of our family home. Our mother, who is an interior decorator, has been our inspiration in everything we do. Our signature blue is a way for us to bring a little bit of home and family to you.